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Let her take her doll shopping or visiting friends with this handy two doll carry bag, Perfect for all the accessories like brushes and bottle yet light enough to carry on your shoulder. Emblazoned with Treasured Dolls logo.


Let your gentle nature-loving princess blossom with her doll in these pretty red and blue Snow White-inspired matching head bands.


Perfect for that summer holiday or weekend away. Pack two dolls in this zippered travel case. See through front so that you can see your dolls. s Handy pocket pouches for carrying all the extra necessities and doll clothes. The trolley has handle and wheels for easy travel. Also includes two sleeping bags and pillows so you can tuck your tried dolls up each night. The perfect travel accessory.


Take her where ever you go with this doll travel case and bed. The pink zippered case opens to become a cute doll bed with a blanket and pillow. It also has pockets to hold those doll essentials. The travel case comes with handles and wheels for easy travelling. Perfect for any 16"-18" doll.


When your Treasured girl is off to a sleep-over, this sleeping bag set is not only elegant but will also keep her snuggly and warm. Available in Teal fur with lime satin lining  Additionally, the coordinating pillow has "Dream" embroidered on the front. Match this with our satin pajama set for a complete look during slumber parties with the girls!

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Tuck your Treasured Doll into bed for the night in this bedding set. Consisting of 3 separate pieces. Set includes lace trimmed pillow with rose embroidery, eyelet lace trimmed comforter, and a mattress to fit your 18" doll bed.


This pretty set includes 3 pairs of warm cosy tights to complete any look. Colours may vary. Perfect for any 18" doll.


 Perfect for your Treasured Doll's adventures every day - whether it be reading at the library or studying at school - pink and brown tortoiseshell eyeglasses will keep her looking trendy while the cool, white framed sunglasses will keep her shielded from the sun on those lovely summer afternoons.  Have fun with three different colours to match your outfits. Comes with purple glasses case for each pair!


Silver and pale blue delicate girl and doll matching hair bands with center diamond detail. Perfect for 18" dolls.


No more bad hair days for your Treasured doll when you own this awesome salon chair! This chair is colorful, has a hook and loop strap to hold her snuggly and weighs approximately 1 1/2 lbs. You  can adjust the height of the chair and the foot rest also move. The fully assembled height is 15" and measures approximately 6" wide. Some assembly required. Up do's or a simple styling will be easy with this salon chair!


Always spray your Treasured Dolls hair when brushing with this stylish logod bottle. Check out hair styling tips in our hair care section


Created especially for your Treasured Doll, this lovely doll-sized wire wig hairbrush will keep her looking lovely through all of your daily adventures.  Sturdily constructed with wooden base with Treasured Dolls logo and the essential wire bristles...Don't ever use a regular brush or comb on your doll's gorgeous wig.  For more tips, check out our hair-care section.


Fabulous hair styling with this treasured doll logo cape.


Only use a wire wig brush on your Treasured Doll. Check our our hair care section to caring for your dolls hair.  Fill the spray bottle with water to mist your dolls hair when brushing.  Fabulous hair styling with this treasured doll logo cape.  Don't forget to check out our adorable salon chairs - made to make your styling easier and fun!

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