Doll Care

How to care for your Treasured Doll

Follow this simple step by step guide to caring for your dolls hair and skin to keep her looking pretty for years and years.

Hair Care

Only use a wire wig hair brush for your treasured dolls hair. (Available in our accessories section online). Never use a plastic comb or bristle hair brush as this could damage your dolls hair. The bristle brush will make your dolls hair frizzy and the plastic will generate static and makes the hair harder to brush. The less you brush your doll's straight or wavy hair the better condition it will stay in. We recommend you do not brush your curly haired doll.

For straight or wavy hair occasionally lightly mist the hair with water, take a small section of the hair in your hands and gently work your way up the hair and brush out the tangles gently until all the tangles are free. Always brush down gently towards the ends of the hair. Hold your doll firmly by the neck or place her on her doll stand (also available on website) while gently brushing her hair. Be careful not to over brush your doll's hair.

For Curly Hair

Use your finger to pick out the tangles in your curly haired doll. If you use a plastic brush it will make your dolls hair frizzy. We do not recommend over brushing your curly haired doll. Hold your doll firmly while detangling her hair with your fingers by holding a small section at a time and working your way gently up the hair. Always pick the hair in a downward motion. For best results with your curly hair, finger style by taking a small section in your hand and gently working the twirls, curls and ringlets back in.

We do not recommend that you wash your Treasured Dolls hair. If she does get wet allow to drip dry and never ever use a hair dryer or curling tongs or heated rollers of any kind as this will damage your dolls hair.

Caring for your dolls skin

Treasured Dolls have a cloth body and should never be immersed in water. The skin of your doll is made from vinyl and can be gently washed with warm damp soft cloth and a mild soap.

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